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There are around 74,000 firms and 220,000 people on our augmented FCA Register database giving you a great opportunity to promote your services to the right people.

We use the information from the FCA Register (RES) and then add the Directory data as well as email addresses, Companies House Persons of Significant Control, Telephone Preference Service details and Assets Under Advice information.

You can have hundreds, thousands or even tens of thousands of firms and individuals from our augmented FCA Register data based on your specific requirements.

This means you don’t waste time on low value prospects and only pay for the records you really want.

There are dozens of characteristics you can use

to make sure you get the data you need, some of which are shown in the table.

Prices start from £1,500 (plus VAT) and the more 

records you buy the lower the price per record 


• Geography e.g. post area or region
• Type of firm (segment)
• Detailed FCA permissions
• Number of Registered Individuals
• Role of the individual
• Time in the i
• Legal formation

• Membership of specific networks
• Sales percentile ranking by AUM

One-off or monthly download?

Loadata can be bought as a one-off or as a monthly download similar to the FCA Register Extract Service (RES).

The RES only provides the FCA Register data while Loadata also includes Directory data, email addresses, Telephone Preference Services information, Companies House information and Assets Under Advice percentile

Monthly Loadata gives you a lot more valuable information at a similar cost to the RES.

Watch the video to learn more

Click the image to the right to see the Loadata Product Summary.

Loadata Prod Summ Image.jpg

Complete the form to download a sample data file.

Click the image to the right to see a case study.

Loadata Case Study Image.png

Broad based or niche?

Most of our clients have a broad target market which can be found using our Segments or specific FCA Permissions.

However, some of our clients are looking for a much more targeted niche so we need to drop below the Segments / Permissions to find them.

Examples include:

  • Employee Benefits Consultants

  • Family Offices

  • Bridging Finance Brokers

  • Private Medical Insurance Brokers

If you are operating in a niche market please get in touch to see how we can find the right people for you and save you wasting time on those who simply won't be interested.

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