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Most Asset Managers’ Funds are held on Platforms.

These Platforms send spreadsheets in different formats and with inconsistent data items making it difficult to get a clear picture of what is happening or drive actionable insights.

Platformation has been designed for organisations who want to turn this data into valuable information which can be used in CRM systems and BI tools.

How it works

You send us the data from each platform each month. We standardise the disparate formats and use our enhanced FCA universe to ensure
consistency of the data across the various feeds.

The files are often missing crucial data like Firm Reference Number (FRN) and Fund/Sector information (ISIN) which we add to ensure a more complete view of your distribution landscape.

The consolidated/cleansed data is then returned in a standardise format to make it easy to bring into your CRM or BI tools or simply to analyse in Excel.

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Watch the video to learn more

Click the image to the right to see the Platformation Product Summary.

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