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Many organisations want to know when something significant happens in their target market so we provide an Alerts service to meet this need.

This might be:

  • When a new firm sets up

  • When a firm de-authorises

  • When a firm applies to cancel or goes into liquidation

  • When a firm is fined by the FCA

Knowing about new firms setting up creates a great opportunity to build a relationship before your competitors even know they exist.  Being first to make contact is far more likely to win their business than being the 12th!

Datalert or Firmalert?


  • Monthly delivery

  • New firms and individuals

  • De-authorised firms

  • Firms applied to cancel

  • Firms into administration

  • Fines


  • Weekly delivery

  • Firm only (no individuals)

  • Newly authorised firms

  • De-authorised firms

Watch the videos to learn more

Business Meeting
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Click the image to see the Product Summary.

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