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Solutions For You

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Whether you are looking for..

  • a one-off download of data

  • regular downloads to continually add new firms and contacts

  • alerts so you know who is joining or leaving the industry

  • ongoing cleansing of your CRM data

  • consolidation of investment platform data so it is easy to use

  • the best people to invite to events

..we have solutions for you.


  • The data you want based on your target market.


  • Only pay for what you need.

  • One-off or monthly.


  • From £1,500

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Cleanse and Enhance

Are you tired of stale and unreliable data?

Validata is a thorough cleanse of your CRM or Marketing data, ensuring that your client records are always accurate and up to date.


We pride ourselves on providing the most accurate and reliable data on the market.


  • You want to know when firms set up or become de-authorised but it's impossible for the sales team to know everything going on.

  • New firms represent business opportunities but you need to get there before your competitors.

  • Agency and commissions teams need to know about de-authorising firms.


Platform Insights

Asset Managers get lots of data from Platforms. 


However, it is in different file formats, has inconsistent data fields, has missing FRN’s and ISIN’s and may have different currencies.

This means it isn't providing the insights to the leadership team about high level trends nor the account managers about the flows and AUM of each IFA. 


  • You want to invite the right people to your seminars, workshops, training events, etc but your organisation's data isn't great.


  • Getting the right people attending is crucial for your success.​

  • Curated, accurate and up to date lists are what you need.


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