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Whether you are looking for a download of firms and individuals, ongoing cleansing of CRM or marketing systems, regular alerts about changes or consolidation of investment platform data we have the right product to meet your needs.


One-off or regular downloads of our Augmented FCA data.

Register and Directory data enhanced with email addresses, (C)TPS flags, Assets Under Advice, Company Type and each person's role.


A detailed monthly report enabling you to:

  • Build relationships with people at new firms before your competitors.

  • Find out quickly when firms cease (or are planning to cease) FCA registration.


If you are an asset manager you probably get data from lots of platforms.


But it's in different formats and really difficult to knit together to make sense of it. 


Platformation solves that. 


Keep your CRM or marketing systems up to date.

Regular cleaning makes sure your sales and marketing time and budget is spent most efficiently and effectively.


A less detailed weekly report showing newly authorised and de-authorised firms.


It also shows firm who have applied to cancel, entered administration, etc so you can make contact and manage their agency effectively. 


Inviting more of the right type of people to your events is the best way to start on the road to success.

Does your business have accurate, up to date information for everyone you should be inviting? If not, we can help.

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