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Your Target Market

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So how do you know you are talking to the right ones?

And over 200,000 people

There are tens of thousands of firms on the FCA Register

Talk To The Right Firms

Firmentation is our model that gives each and every firm on the FCA Register a segment label. 

It is based on what they are (and just as importantly aren't) permitted to do by the FCA.

This means our clients only buy the types of firm they actually want to talk to and don't waste precious resources on firms that won't be interested in their offering.


Simply choose from the list below to select your target firms.


Talk To The Right People

Firms have to tell the FCA what each person on the Register and Directory does (and therefore does not do) within their business.

This means our clients can really focus on talking to the right people, whether they be advisors, executives or senior managers.


We can go into even more detail, for example to find everyone that can manage money, are the pension transfer specialist, advise on equity release and/or long term care, advice on securities, are responsible for mortgage intermediation, are chair of the risk committee, are the money laundering officer and a range of other specialisms.


Select from the list below to choose your ideal people.

Job Role

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Please complete the form below to get a quote telling you how many firms and people are in your target market, and the price of a one-off download.

You can use this data for sales and marketing, along with other internal use such as for agency/commissions and compliance activities.

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