• Validata: Audit, correct and maintain data in CRM systems

  • Loadata: One-off download of relevant firms and contacts

  • Datalert: Weekly or monthly file of new firms and individuals

  • Riskalert: Keep a close eye on a list of firms that you define

  • Platformation: Turn your platform data into valuable information

  • Firmentation: Segmentation is the key to focussing on the right group(s) of people in any market, so we have created a Firm Segmentation model


We offer a full consultancy service working with you to enable you to focus your company’s activities on the right firms and individuals, either on a single project or an ongoing basis.  


We have vast experience in distribution restructures and taking new products to market.  This enables us to ensure that you get the best return on your investment when working with Autus Data Services.