A look at a client's data and how we improved it and their distribution effectiveness.

The Financial Services landscape is complex and fluid.  This report reviews the current state.

The Financial Services market is complex and fluid with elements of it joining, leaving or changing firm every day.  Validata has been developed specifically to keep the data of your FCA Registered firms and individuals accurate, thereby maximising your distribution effectiveness.

Sample Validata CRM Cleanse Audit Report

Example audit analysis of a client's CRM system before we worked together to improve it.

Some organisations have a one-off need for a list of people from our augmented FCA Register data.

Loadata meets the needs of those organisations by providing a single download of data rather than ongoing cleansing.

Get ahead of your competition by contacting firms as soon as they join the FCA register.  Datalert will provide you weekly or monthly files and can be tailored to your target market.

Datalert Sample file

New and de-authorised firms plus changes in permissions for August 2019

Keep a close eye on a list of FCA Registered firms that you define.  Find out about activities being added or withdrawn, changes to restrictions placed upon the business, any changes to limitations placed against specific authorised activities, directors leaving or joining and any changes to individuals’ Controlled Functions.

Turn your Platform data into valuable information which can be used in CRM systems and Business Information tools.

The FCA Register contains over 90,000 active firms which makes finding the right prospects for your organisation very difficult.

Firmentation is our unique segmentation model based on a firm’s permissions and size.  It is used to make sure you target the best opportunities and avoid the wasteful activity of contacting people who are not likely to be interested in your proposition.

FCA Register Landscape: Summer 2019

A review of the Financial Services Marketplace, and Financial Intermediaries in particular.

FCA Register Landscape : Autumn 2018

Understand the shape of the Financial Services marketplace and key changes that have taken place through the year.

FCA Register Landscape : Summer 2018

Be better informed about the size and shape of the UK Financial Services market

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