Why organisations choose us

Many businesses ask themselves questions like:

  • Where am I going to get new customers?

  • How accurate is the data in our CRM system?

  • How can I help my sales team be more effective and efficient?

  • How do I get the right people to invite to a seminar?

  • How do I know when new prospects join the industry?


We have worked with organisations who previously were writing to people 5 years or longer after that person had left the company!  


Or where they only knew about two individuals at a firm and we were able to extend their distribution reach into another five people at that same firm.  


Furthermore, we were able to help where they simply didn’t know about hundreds of companies that fitted the profile of their target customer.

Through a combination of products and bespoke consulting we solve these and other problems with our clients, enabling them to focus on their core proposition more effectively. 

What we do

Few industries are able to access a comprehensive list of the firms and individuals that make up their target customer base.  So one of the great advantages available to Asset Managers, Pension Providers, Life Companies, Platforms and anyone else offering business-to-business products or services into the Financial Services industry is to be able to target high potential opportunities, with laser like precision, rather than wasting precious time and resources on less relevant prospects.

The FCA register data is large and complex, with numerous look-up codes, tables with many-to-many relationships and lots of data about people most organisations simply aren’t interested in. We cut through all that complexity and provide the information that makes sure our clients talk to the right people at the right time about the right products and, just as importantly, track individuals as they move from one firm to the next.

Who do we work with?

  • Individuals responsible for Intermediary Sales, Marketing or CRM in Asset Managers, DFM’s, Pension Providers, Life Companies, Wrap/Platforms,  Mortgage Lenders and other service providers.

  • Any firms seeking to focus on any specific sub-set of the organisations and individuals on the FCA register.

Geoff Greensmith - Managing  Director, Distribution

Geoff has been a successful member of the CEO’s Leadership Group for a FTSE 100 company and a Group Board member of a FinTech firm. Experienced in new start-up ventures and taking products to market, he also has a strong track record of improving existing businesses that have subsequently achieved growth and profit.

With over 30 years’ financial services experience, he has comprehensive knowledge of Asset Manager, DFM, Life Company, Bank and Building Society, Platform, D2C, Intermediary distribution sectors and products.

Extensive sales leadership experience in the UK investment market with more than 1,700 industry contacts.

Andy Marson  MA, DipPFS - Managing Director, Operations

Having worked in Financial Services since the 1990’s Andy has built up a wealth of knowledge and experience in senior management roles ranging through relationship management, operation design, project management, business intelligence, marketing and product management with a range of companies.

He works with clients to maximise their benefits from our products and services including bespoke consultancy.